Everything we know: GOALS

GOALS is one of many new Football Video Games, this is what you need to know!

There are many new Football video games currently in development to compete with EA, which has released EA Sports FC 24 this year, one of them being GOALS.

What is GOALS?

  • Free to play game available with crossplay
  • Popular streamer Kurt is involved in the creation, his role is GOALS Game Designer
  • Multiplayer first game, aiming to eliminate lag, latency and button delay also they have openly said they will not have any sort of DDA, “handicap”, no interference.
  • The game won’t have any real life footballers
  • Investors include Riqui Puig, midfielder for LA Galaxy and Clément Lenglet center-back for Tottenham Hotspur on loan from Barcelona

Gamemodes in UFL?

GOALS is taking a completely new approach to football video games. Rather than trying to simulate real life football it is trying to create a game focused on being fun. This is why there will be no real footballer names, clubs or anything of that sort.

My understanding of it is that they are trying to create something like Rocket League perhaps but with people instead of cars. Some people have already expressed their negative opinions because for lots of people the purpose of a football game such as EA Sports FC is to play with your favourite players.

  • Standard 11v11 mode for two players (versus or co-op) and casual play will form the core of the game
  • 5 v 5 mode, 3 v 3, 2 v 2 etc
  • GOALS: GO, which will offer the ability for all players to be user controlled, “increasing the social and competitive aspect of football games.” sound similar to Pro Clubs in EA Sports FC


Arcade style gameplay with realistic features, “the gameplay experience will be prioritized over realism” meaning AI won’t help significantly.

Defensive AI will be at a complete minimum meaning if you don’t select the defender closest to the ball the attacker will just easily run past him.

Play to earn model where time spent and skill will be rewarded with digital assets which can be sold in exchange for real life money.

Clans which allows you and your friends to team up and compete in team based modes.

When will it be released?

GOALS started in 2021, so it is still early doors, at the moment GOALS is in the pre-alpha stage.

It has raised a massive amount of money to create this game. Secured $20 million in Series A funding bringing the total funding of $39 million so far.

If you would like to learn more about GOALS watch this YouTube video by FUT Mentor.

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