New Football Games Coming

These are 3 new Football games that will take over in 2024 that will compete with EA.

FIFA’s reign is coming to an end and we’ve got an inside look at the 3 new Football games that will take over in 2024. This article includes details about UFL, GOALS and FIFA 24 which will no longer be a game by EA Sports after losing naming rights.


  • Developed by Strikerz Inc, free to play game
  • “Fair to play experience that implies a skill first approach and zero pay to win options.”
  • Continue with the same club across multiple years
  • Release date: Second half of 2023 (between July and December)


  • This will be a game NOT created by EA Sports.
  • Meaning it will be built from scratch so expect bugs & many updates
  • FIFA President “The only authentic, real game that has the FIFA name will be the best one available”
  • Release date: 2024 or 2025 according to the FIFA President but it is likely going to be much later


  • Free to play game, popular streamer Kurt is involved in the development.
  • “Play and earn, get rewarded for your time”
  • Likely to involve NFTs
  • Release date: currently in pre-alpha stage, within “the next two years” so before 2025

The future is bright when it comes to other Football games to compete against EA.

EA Sports will still be creating their own game which will be named EA Sports FC, this will be the continuation from FIFA 23.

If you would like to learn more about these new games watch this YouTube video by FUT Mentor.

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