4,600 FIFA Points Guide

How to spend your 4,600 FIFA Points most efficiently?

If you have pre ordered FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition you will receive 4,600 FIFA Points as one of the pre order benefits.

You will get this FIFA Points awarded into your account once you log in to your account form your console on or after Tuesday the 27th of September.

This leaves the question of what is the best way to spend FIFA Points to maximise making the most coins possible?


Obviously the easiest thing to do is to just open packs using the FIFA Points. On Tuesday you will only be able to open 7.5k packs which are not the best value packs when it comes to making coins.

There is the option to wait until Friday the 30th of September which is when we expect the Ones to Watch promo to be released so promo packs will likely be released such as 15k packs and 35k packs.


Apart from spending your FIFA Points on opening packs you also have the option to use them to enter FUT Drafts.

Rewards from FUT Drafts can vary but they can potentially be very rewarding if you make it far into the Draft by winning a couple of games.

Each entry into a FUT Draft is 300 FIFA Points which is the same price of two 7.5k packs so you need to decide if you are good enough to compete against others in order to get some wins to make it worth it.

More information on what you can do with your FIFA Points discussing these two options further in this video below.

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