POTM Haaland

August POTM Haaland SBC could be coming in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

Player of the Month SBCs are very popular in FIFA because when they are released it is exciting and an opportunity to get an upgraded version of perhaps your favourite player.

August POTM SBCs have been released in the last few years for example:

  • FIFA 18 Sadio Mane August POTM
  • FIFA 19 Lucas Moura August POTM
  • FIFA 20 Pukki August POTM

However, in FIFA 21 and FIFA 22 an August POTM SBC was not released. This could have been because of the timing of the Web App release which was close to the end of September.

This year in FIFA 23 the Web App has been quite early which has spread rumours of a potential August POTM.

Haaland is the Premier League POTM winner so if we do get an SBC it will most likely be an 89 rated Erling Haaland card.

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